What do I need for a CVRT test?
  1. Present ID. (In the form of a valid drivers licence or passport)
  2. Appropriate fee
  3. Vehicle washed and clean
  4. Wheel trims removed
What if my vehicle fails the CVRT test?
If your vehicle fails the test you need to repair all the items and return your vehicle to the test centre within 21 days and with less than 4000km since it was tested. You should repair your vehicle immediately and book it back in as soon as possible.
Is there a fee for my CVRT retest?
If the retest requires test equipment to retest it there will be a retest fee once it is returned for test within 21 days of the original test.
Why is my CRW for less than a year?
Your CRW is for less than one year because your test was overdue and the new system for issuing CRWs is now aligned to the obligation to have your commercial vehicle tested every year.
I have just bought this vehicle and the CRW is for less than one year
The CRW is for less than 1 year because the vehicle you purchased did not have a valid CRW at the time of test. Anybody who is purchasing second hand vehicle should ensure it has a valid CRW at the time of purchase otherwise the vehicle will be overdue its test and receive a CRW for less than a year. You can find out when a vehicle is due its CVR test by going to and clicking on the "Check my CRW" button.
My vehicle has just passed the test but I am going to get a CRW for just a few days or weeks, do I really need to get my vehicle tested?
Yes, you need to get your vehicle tested again. Your vehicle received a CRW for just a few days or weeks because your vehicle test was almost overdue. The new CRW issuing system calculates the CRW expiry date by reference to you test due date.
I have just passed my test but have no disc for the windscreen?
Ia a vehicle passes its test a certificate of road-worthiness is automatically posted to the registered owner directly from the RSA and should arrive to the registered owner within a few days of passing the test. However, if you need to tax the vehicle the tax office will have the result on their system within an hour of passing your test
How long should my CVRT test take?
Test times vary depending on the condition and size of the vehicle presented for test. LCV tests can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. HCV tests can take from 1 to 2 hours.